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  Rubber Sheets:

We specilize in rubber sheets, silicon rubber sheet, fluorine rubber sheet, neoprene rubber sheet, cloth insertion rubber sheets, metal mesh rubber sheet, etc.

  WLT-RS001 General rubber sheet
With middle pressure,work in the -15ºC to +60ºC, with the features of water-proof,anti-shock and sealing
  General rubber sheet
  WLT-RS002 Silicon rubber sheet
High temperature bearing performance, the maximum temperature reaches 200ºC and good oil resisting feature.
  Silicon rubber sheet    
  WLT-RS003 Fluorine rubber sheet
The best oil resisting, inflaming retarding, high temperature bearing, anti chemical corrosion and anti-aging performance.
  Fluorine rubber sheet    
  WLT-RS004 Neoprene rubber sheet
  Neoprene Rubber    
  WLT-RS005 Cloth or metal mesh insertion rubber sheets
with middle pressure,strong tense and small distortion Punching seals and rings,which are applied to light conveying strap and work in the surroundings with high strength requirements
  Insertion rubber sheets    

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